Random Thoughts of a Raging Gamer


SO FUCKING PISSED. All my ‘friends’ tell me that they have plans for the weekend and can’t go out and drink and whatnot, then I fucking find out that their plans are to go out and drink WITH EACH OTHER. Thanks for the fucking invite douchebags. And this ends my thought of actually having a life. I’m just a washed up uni kid who doesn’t have anything except his 5 year old piece of shit macbook and his family. Oh wait, my family can’t be around either, they are all peacing to fucking vancouver to go uni hopping with my oh so fucking smart sister. Ya great guys, I wanted to go to University of Calgary, did I get to go out there and check out campus? Nope. Makes me really feel special. FUCK IT.

And I’ve regained my touch. For a couple days there I was wondering if I’d lost it. Completely didn’t have the balls to do it. But it’s back now, and I can bleed. Damn knives making my life so hard but if you get it down pat with a knife, makes it all the easier with a razor. Oh yes, I shall bleed. Dispose of this taint and be reborn in flesh and blood. Oh glory to the cause. Be so holy.

Time to tackle another day. And when I do, I’m gonna beat it to a fucking pulp and show it who is boss. Enough of my sob bullshit, time to take control and kill it.

Anywho, for anyone who cares enough to actually fucking read this tumblr, I’m outie for a while. Thanks to the chick who got me into tumblr, really showed me how much shit and anger I gotta deal with. She knows I care about her, but I don’t know how to fix what I’ve damaged so I feel helpless in what to do. Oh well, enough of my fucking feelings cause honestly, I don’t think anyone fucking reads this anyways, so FUCK ALL OF YOU. Have a nice one, be sure to read up about games, AND FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE.

Wow, who knew I had that type of fucking shit in me. I’m the happiest fucking guy around! Oh wait no, thats just the story I tell to get people off my fucking back. You know, I got people who say, hey yous so happy, no way you fucking depressed or nothing. Well you know what, that ain’t true and if you don’t believe me I got the fucking scars and wounds to prove it.

Even after we grumble and groan, all this shit just can’t leave us alone. It tortures us and calls us names, we just can’t keep playing these games. Love ain’t something to be toyed with, be taunted. Cause half the goddamn time, it turns out to be haunted with bad memories and lies, and soon its clear that all to do is just cut all ties. But it’s hard we get it, you fell for them so what, next thing you know it feels like you’ve been shot. Oh wait, whats that, a bullet in your head, you’re to damn literal now look you’re fucking dead.
David Eichinger
Yes. True. So fucking what. ITS CALLED AN ANTIDOTE.

Yes. True. So fucking what. ITS CALLED AN ANTIDOTE.

I don’t get it. I understand free speech and all that but to fucking RAGE and boycott a game because it gives you a fucking option to pursue a homosexual male relationship is just bullshit. Don’t hear you fucking complaining about a lesbian relationship like there has been since the first fucking game. And as well, ITS A CHOICE. No one is fucking forcing you to do it, so nut up and be fucking accepting of people for who they are, not who you want them to fucking be. And to the asshole who said “equal rerpsresentation for all, then where are the pedophile options?”, since when is being homosexual A FUCKING CRIME! Like fuck off, enjoy your game the way YOU want to enjoy it, don’t fuck up how we want to enjoy it.